This System is used in environments where space is at a premium such as on small drilling rigs or production platforms. The system allows all the major system components to be fitted into a space just 6.2m long by 3.2m wide.  The unit consist of a precoat slurry mixing tank and the twin filter pot combined in one skid and can be placed on the DE Filter Press. The complete skid can be used both onshore and offshore. It gives the operators better use of rig space with safety integrated into each unit with handrails and other safety features.

Features :

  • Two Units are stackable.
  • Air line connections for pump and mixers.
  • Tanks and pipework constructed of stainless steel.
  • 4″ cam lock connections.
  • Stainless dual pod unit designed on skid for compactness and safety.
  • Air driven Wilden pumps for DE precoating, and Cleaning.
  • Foldable handrails, walkways and ladder.

Benefits :

  • Minimize rig space consumption
  • Minimize Lifting Operation.
  • Easy to operate.
Stackable Filtration System