Efficient filtration processing equipment

The Slurry Skid creates the DE slurry by mixing the DE powder with water. The DE Slurry is used to pre-coat the filter screens in the DE press. With on board air mixer and pumps the unit is an efficient way to create the slurry. All pumps and mixers in the package are operated by rig air, thus allowing safe and convenient rig up in all installations

Applications :

  • Enhanced continuous online filtration process
  • Facilitated efficiency with precoat deli
  • Rig-time and space savings with dual service manifold.
  • Improved HSE profile and decreased risk to personnel.

Features :

  • Air driven precoat and body feed pump.
  • 15 bbl capacity mix tank.
  • Connections 4″ cam lock connection.
  • Air driven agitation system for optimal mixing operation.
  • Fixed valves and pipe line provides operators easy to change the flow when building DE cake or filtering.
  • Ergonomically positioned pipework and valves


Mixing Rate 20 bbls/10 mins
Tank capacity 15 bbls
Connections Standard 4 in
Pump Wilden M15
Pump flow rate 232 GPM
Pump operating pressure 8.6 Bar/ 125 PSI
Max suction lift 5.8 m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 287 x 132 x 226
Weight 1,800 kgs
Slurry Skid