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Filter Cartridges

EMFF Series Pleated Filter Cartridges are manufactured to exact standards and are used in the most demanding industrial environments. The media has a fixed pore construction of high quality fibers providing a combination of surface and depth filtration. Due to use of premium quality filter fabrics, this pleated filter cartridges has superior flow characteristics with [...]

Filter Cartridges2016-11-14T15:07:08+07:00

Stackable Filtration System

This System is used in environments where space is at a premium such as on small drilling rigs or production platforms. The system allows all the major system components to be fitted into a space just 6.2m long by 3.2m wide.  The unit consist of a precoat slurry mixing tank and the twin filter pot [...]

Stackable Filtration System2016-11-15T13:39:29+07:00

Slurry Skid

Efficient filtration processing equipment The Slurry Skid creates the DE slurry by mixing the DE powder with water. The DE Slurry is used to pre-coat the filter screens in the DE press. With on board air mixer and pumps the unit is an efficient way to create the slurry. All pumps [...]

Slurry Skid2016-11-14T15:09:04+07:00

Twin Filter Skid

Design for a wide range of filtration applications A Twin Filter Pot cylindrical tank made up of stainless steel material. This is where the Filter Cartridge placed and serves as one of the essential part for the filtration of fluid as it passes through. The twin filter pot was designed to have two types of [...]

Twin Filter Skid2016-11-14T15:22:17+07:00

D.E. Filter Press (Diatomaceous Earth Filter Press)

Compact, modular solution for optimized filtration DE Filter Press Unit the unit is an effective, cost-efficient solution to conventional filtration and is available in sizes from 700 ft2 and 940 ft2. The DE Press is the first point of filtration process to remove heavy-solids contamination from high volumes of brines.  Diatomaceous earth (DE) filter media [...]

D.E. Filter Press (Diatomaceous Earth Filter Press)2016-11-14T15:29:13+07:00

Filtration Equipment and Service

Application: Can be use on onshore and offshore operations Completion brines w/ High and Low Density Process water & Sea Water APDS-Vietnam Filtration service objective is to provide the safest and most efficient removal of potentially damaging suspended solids from liquids, with minimal environmental impact, no operational downtime, and satisfaction to customers. We provide Onshore [...]

Filtration Equipment and Service2016-11-14T15:49:54+07:00